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KRYSSREST' - Custom made left handed shoulder rest.

For left handed
violins, visit
'KRYSSREST' – Custom made, left handed violin shoulder rest.

Well, you have obviously arrived at this page because you are a left handed violinist, student or otherwise, and are looking for something special to complement your special violin. The only violin accessory you cannot find anywhere, is a left handed shoulder rest!

The 'KRYSSREST' is a true shoulder rest and not just a violin rest supported on the chest. Each one is custom made to fit your shoulder/chest shape for optimum comfort. After all, as a left handed person aren't you and your instrument special? Shouldn't your shoulder rest be just as special?

The 'KRYSSREST' is not mass produced because your shoulder shape is uniquely yours!

Optimum comfort –
• Self supporting
• Violin stays exactly where you 'like it most'
• Makes left hand learning and playing easier
• A 'must have' for left handed students as well as the left handed seasoned violinist
• Available for 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4.

Violin on rest

Left handed shoulder rest
Shoulder rest in position
Side view of shoulder rest

Playing violin with shoulder rest in place
Rear view shoulder rest
Side view of shoulder rest

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