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The Pebble-mound Mouse is one of very few Australian mammals to produce a lasting construction. Inhabiting hummock grasslands with an abundance of small stones, they build a system of U-shaped tunnels and pop-holes under a mound of pebbles.

Collecting pebbles up to half their own weight, they use their mouth to carry, and their forelimbs to manoeuvre these into place. Their mounds can reach the enormous size of 9m square.

This unique and rare little mammal has been immortalised in this delicate work. This sculpture was individually handcrafted, no mice or parts thereof were used at any stage. Made from polymer clay and pure bristle. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Pebble-mound Mouse
Pebble-mound Mouse.(Pseudomys chapmani)
Short waiting period on occasion. Life size mouse.
Total Average Height 100-120mm.
Price: AU$200

Spinifex Hopping-mouse
Spinifex Hopping-mouse. (Notomys alexis)
Set on a timber base (not shown).
Short waiting period on occasion. Life size.
Price: AU$200

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