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Each lizard is life-size and set on a river rock. The rock dictates how each sculpture is placed, therefore no two positions are identical; consequently each item becomes unique. Those shown on this site are only examples of a range of assorted positions and are no longer available for purchase.

Rocks have felt bases to prevent damage to surfaces. These sculptures will withstand careful handling, but please keep in mind that they are both breakable and fragile and need to be handled with due care.

To clean the delicate works, use a very soft small brush. Do not expose to direct sunlight or immerse in water.

If the item is to be sent by post, ensure that the entire lizard is well padded. The head needs specific care and must be well padded underneath with cotton wool or similar soft padding. Never lift the sculpture by the head or body.

No lizards or parts thereof were used at any stage in the production of these sculptures.

Little Lizards.

These 'Little Lizards' do not represent a specific species of Australian fauna. They are purely decorative. Specific species are brought out from time to time. A collector's series of Australian lizards is planned for the future.
Price each: AU$100

Little Lizard
Two Little Lizards
Little Lizard

Blue Tailed Fine Snout Lizard
Blue-tailed Fine-snout.
This is a very striking lizard, with black and white stripes, a bright copper head and a dazzling blue tail.
We plan to introduce more specific species in the future.
Average Height: 80mm.
Average Weight: 500g.
Price: AU$100

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