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Green Tree-frog

Each exquisite handcrafted Australian frog is life size and made from polymer clay and natural materials. Average weight of each item is 550g, height varies. As each piece is individually made, no two works are identical. Other Australian frogs will be available from time to time.

The Red-eyed tree frog is a stock item and is available all the time. All frogs are available singly or as a series. No frogs or parts thereof were used at any stage in the production of these sculptures.

One frog from each of the seven states and territories of Australia has been selected for this series.

The seven frogs in the 'Collector's Series' are as seen below and are numbered #1 to #7.

Collector's Series.

Red-eyed Tree-frog.
(Litoria chloris)
As this Australian frog lives at least 5m above ground in the canopy of the rainforests, it is seldom seen. It descends only to breed, when large numbers of males congregate around temporary pools after heavy rain and make a deafening chorus of deep growls. Its call is similar to a deep moan followed by a soft trill. It is believed to be secure and common.
Price: AU$150
Red-eyed Tree-frog

Green Tree Frog
Green Tree-frog.
(Litoria caerulea)
This very familiar frog inhabits most of South Australia, the Northern Territory and Eastern Australia. It is well known for its association with humans and commonly inhabits human dwellings. It is no surprise to find one living in your mailbox, cistern and other unusual places.
Price: AU$150

Tasmanian Tree-frog.
(Litoria burrowsae)
This scarce Australian frog is only found in the Western half of Tasmania.
Its call sounds like the honking of a goose.
Price: AU$150
Tasmanian Tree-frog

Shoemaker Frog
Shoemaker Frog.
(Neobatrachus sutor)
One of Australia's most beautiful burrowing frogs, its colour ranges from gold through to yellow with black markings. It occupies Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia and is fairly common. The call sounds like the tapping of a cobbler's hammer, hence the name Shoemaker.
Price: AU$150

Blue Mountains Tree-frog.
(Litoria citropa)
This extremely beautiful and fortunately common Australian frog is found in Eastern Victoria and New South Wales. Breeding occurs during September to November and can occasionally extend to January. It was once portrayed on an Australian postage stamp.
Price: AU$150
Blue Mountains Tree-frog

Wotjulum Frog.
Wotjulum Frog.
(Litoria wotjulumensis)
This common Australian frog is found in the Northern Territory. It is often seen at the edges of creeks and rivers leaping from boulder to boulder.
Price: AU$150

Wood or Water Frog.
(Rana daemerli)
In Australia this common frog occurs only in Cape York Peninsula. It is found in dense grass at the edge of creeks. The male call sound is like the quack of a duck. The call is a series of 7 or 8 notes like a low reedy quacking. Rana daemeli is unique amongst Australian species as it has a pair of vocal sacs that project out from the sides of the head like water wings.
Price: AU$150
Wood or Water Frog

Other Australian Frogs.

Four Bob Frog.
Four Bob Frog or Eastern Banjo Frog. (Limnodynastes dumerilii)
Found in South-eastern Australia and Victoria, this beautiful frog inhabits cool to warm temperate grasslands. The call is a loud explosive 'bonk'. Length of adult frog is 52mm to 83mm. A creamy substance is secreted from the calves to discourage potential enemies.
Price: AU$150

Lesueur's Frog. (Litoria lesueuri)
Easily confused with closely related species, the range of the group extends from North-eastern Victoria to Northern Queensland. In Victoria, breeding occurs in summer. This species is abundant. Overall length 28mm to 68mm. This sculpture is life size.
Price: AU$80
Lesueur's Frog.

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