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Since time immemorial, dragons have been part of man's imagination, whether their origins were derived from an actual creature that inspired the concept, or whether they were purely imaginative creatures will always be debatable, however each dragon lives in the mind of its creator and is as real as you wish it to be. In the mind of an imaginative child, there is no question of whether they exist, they are very real.

Portrayed as aggressive fire eating demons or large friendly creatures each with its special character, it matters little. We see no reason why they should be considered to be different from any other creature that we share, or have shared, this planet with.

Our dragons are friendly characters, but please be aware that they are dragons and should be approached with caution from the rear!

Do not startle them; when scared they may defend themselves by breathing out fire. Speak gently to them as you approach. If handled correctly they make ideal companions.

These dragons are made from polymer clay and natural materials. They will withstand careful handling, but please keep in mind that they are both breakable and fragile, and need to be handled with due care. To clean the delicate works, use a very soft small brush. Do not expose to prolonged direct sunlight or immerse in water.

Dragon No. 1 Dragon No. 1
Dragon No. 2
Dragon No. 3
Dragon No. 1
Weight 600gms
Price: AU$195
Dragon No. 2 'Glow in dark'
Height 95mm
Diameter 90mm
Price: AU$60
Dragon No. 3
Height 95mm
Weight 600gms
Price: AU$150

No dragons or parts thereof were used at any stage in the production of these sculptures and we do not use moulds. The fact that on occasion our works look 'real', is due to long hours of observation, an ever increasing knowledge of the anatomy of the species and patient attention to detail.

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